Sariv_Rivets_Flight cases
Customized solutions: NEW RIVETS FOR FLIGHT CASES
Sariv has developed a new innovative solution for flight cases, containers for the transport of fragile equipment. It is a customized multigrip rivet with special crimptes, and shorter than the standard version, to ensure that the mandrel head remains inside the hole and the fabric can be easily glued.
Updates on Coronavirus
SARIV s.r.l. is taking all necessary measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, in accordance with the directives provided by the Ministry of Health. Our production is fully operating in all its departments.
Trailer 02_edited
Customized solutions: BLIND RIVETS FOR TRAILERS
Structural blind rivets are funamental in the construction of car and truck trailers. SARILOCK and SARIBOLT are the ideal solution for this application: excellent shear, tensile and vibration resistance make them the most reliable fastening system in extreme stress situations.
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