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Sariv rivets and blind rivet nuts catalogue

Download now the full catalog of our products: standard, special or structural blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and much more.
You will find technical information of each product divided by type and materials.



In order to improve the quality of our services, our company is focusing on the risks associated to manual handling of loads at the workplace.

Regarding this, we introduced the goal of bringing the weight of each of our complete secondary packaging to be under 15 kg, to facilitate lifting and moving.

This means that for some families of blind rivets / blind rivet nuts, the quantity of pieces contained into the commercial boxes or complete outer boxes will be reduced.

We inform you that, starting from September 1st 2019, where possible we will gradually start processing the orders according to the new quantities indicated in the file you can download here below.

Please kindly note that, during this transition time, in case of orders with big quantities or multiple lines, it could happen you receive mixed shipments containing items whose packaging is still related to the old quantities, as we need to exhaust the existing old stock.

Anyway, you will find in the delivery note all the information related to the production lots and the packaging.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding, our sales office is at your disposal for any further information.


Sariv rivets and blind rivet nuts datasheet

Request the complete technical specifications of our products: standard, special or structural blind rivets, blind rivet nuts.
We will send you the complete documentation.


Sariv cage nuts price list

Download now our cage nuts price list.


Sariv riveting tools manuals

Download now the instruction manuals of our riveting tools:

Sariv general sales conditions

Download here our general sales conditions.

Compliance to EU regulations REACH and RoHS

Download here our declaration of compliance to EU regulations REACH and RoHS.

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