Construction industry

In the range of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts produced by SARIV, there are also items thought and studied for building industry and everything concerning metal sheets and metal structures.

SARIV offers blind rivets with a copper body, perfect to be used in the gutter of the same material, or blind rivets in every RAL colour for applications as pre-painted metal sheets, continuous façades, gutters or roofs.

It’s possible to create customized RAL, starting from a specific sample or from the colour of the final application.

Furthermore, for building industry we can supply blind rivets with surface treatment for Aluminium or stainless steel, or specific zinc-plating for steel. This to enhance corrosion resistance if rivets are employed on materials exposed to atmospheric agents, as windows fixtures, structures for façades, etc.

To guarantee a stronger grip on the application, SARIV offers blind rivet nuts in aluminium or steel having a body with a larger diameter and larger grip range, specifically studied to be used for fences.

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