Automotive industry

Blind rivets and blind rivet nuts are extensively used in the automotive sector to assemble supporting parts of the vehicle structure (chassis [car frame], door hinges, steering column, seat structure, etc.) as well as accessories (e.g. plate holder, car boot, luggage rack bars).
For any application, we offer our technical support in order to choose the specific blind rivet or blind rivet nut according to your needs.

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We offer a wide range of protective and decorative surface treatments to improve our products’ appearance, durability and corrosion resistance.
According to customers’ needs, we also offer technical documentation as PPAP, VDA, IMDS, 3.1 material certificates, dimensional reports and salt spray tests.
Thanks to our technical laboratory and to the continuous monitoring of product conformity through SPC, we perform specific tests to make sure that our blind rivets and blind rivet nuts always meet the automotive quality standards.
Furthermore, thanks to the internal department selector using video camera, we can offer a standard quality reaching zero-defects.

Finally, in May 2018 we have acquired the IATF 16949: 2016 Certification, the international standard for quality management systems in the Automotive industry.

The most requested blind rivets for automotive sector are the structural ones, designed to have the highest mechanical shear and tensile strength.
Our Sarilock rivet, for instance, with a double diameter mandrel, ensures such a high shear resistance that it can be affixed to a vehicle’s steering wheel.
Thanks to its rattling resistance and high mechanical properties, our Saribolt rivet is applied as a fastening element to chassis.
Differently, our stainless steel Saribulb rivet, with its high durability to exhaust gases corrosion, is used in the production of car silencers.

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