Customized solutions: BLIND RIVETS FOR HEAT PUMPS

SARIBULB A2 is the ideal solution for the production of heat pumps: excellent humidity, corrosion and tensile resistance make it the most reliable fastening system in this type of application.

In the industry of constructions and heating/cooling systems, one of the most used fastening systems is the blind rivet.

In the example we are going to analyze, the application is subjected to particularly high deterioration conditions:we’re talking about heat pumps.

They are electrical systems that convoy thermic energy from air, water or subsoil, to heat buildings or sanitary water. In summer, instead, they are able to act as a cooling system by reversing the refrigerant circuit.

In both cases, heat pumps are subjected to high humidity conditions: that’s why SARIBULB A2 is the rivet of ours mostly used in this type of application.

The material in which it is made and its mechanical characteristics guarantee excellent protection from humidity and corrosion, and at the same time the double-diameter mandrel provides high shear and tensile resistance.

In addition to our standard rivets, we can create customized products defining together their technical specifications of mechanical resistance, and any specific treatments required.

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