Customized solutions: BLIND RIVETS FOR TRAILERS

Structural blind rivets are funamental in the construction of car and truck trailers. SARILOCK and SARIBOLT are the ideal solution for this application: excellent shear, tensile and vibration resistance make them the most reliable fastening system in extreme stress situations.

Blind rivets are fundamental components in Automotive industry.

In manufacturing car or truck trailers, it is important to use reliable fastening systems that guarantee safety, resistance to corrosion and extreme tightness. Our SARILOCK and SARIBOLT rivets are the ideal solution for such applications: thanks to the use of a double diameter mandrel, they ensure the maximum sheer and tensile strength. After setting the rivet, its mandrel is locked in by means of a grooving that makes the it resistant to vibration.

Moreover, we can produce customized blind rivets defining with you their mechanical strength and features during the design stage, as well as any specific treatments increasing their resistance to corrosion and weathering.

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