We know that the quality of the material we use in our processes is a fundamental element, to produce a high quality product.

We are long-terms partner with qualified suppliers, with years of experience in our sector, in order to reach the highest targets in terms of performance. For this reason, all the material we use needs to have traceability lot, and all our wire and tools suppliers are selected upon requirements secure us both the compliance of the products and the capacity to provide solutions for special applications.

All data on materials, chemical and mechanical compositions are always available in our systems, to secure complete traceability of the raw material.


Our choice has been to do in our plants the majority of our processes, in order to control completely most of the production steps.

All the treatments, form zinc plating, to heating treatment and washing/finishing processes are made inside our plants.

Every production stage is monitored and controlled though our MES System, to secure complete traceability to every product we produce.

More efficient control means higher security on the products.


The quality controls on our products and process is one of our fundamental pillars, that starts from the monitoring of every single production step.

All our Quality System is integrated on the same IT Platform of our MES System, where every data connected to a production lot is stored in on a database. Every measurement tool, from the simple micrometer to the tensile machines, is connected to the company network, and that enables to record every measurement, both in production and in the laboratory.

In real time all the data about measurements, quality tests, quantity produced are available.


In May 2018, our company acquired IATF 16949:2016 Certification, the international standard for quality management systems in the Automotive industry.

Since 2001, SARIV Quality System is certified, starting from ISO 9002 to the present certification.

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We are committed to improve our efficiency in using resources like energy and water, decreasing daily our environmental impact.

A always-improving and efficient use of water and energy is basically to reduce our unnecessary pollution of the environment. In order to reach our targets, we installed a 200 Kw photovoltaic plant, to produce by our own part of the needed energy, and a water treatment plant is a part of our production process.

Better recycling of materials and packaging and minimizing waste generation are other targets of our policy.

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