SARIBULB and SARIBOLT are the most suitable rivets for the construction of tensile structures: their shear, vibration and corrosion resistance make them extremely reliable for applications subjected to stress such as this type of construction. Discover also our customized NEW RIVET for this type of application.

We have seen it several times: the fields of application of blind rivets are endless.

Today we take into consideration the sector of tensile structures, ie canvas or metal sheet covers held in position by the tension exerted by cables and tie rods: they go from structures of smaller dimensions such as simple gazebos, up to real buildings such as sports centers or storage warehouses.

Since they are mostly used outside, they are also subjected to varied weather conditions.

Our structural blind rivets Saribulb and Saribolt are the ideal solution for this type of application. Their main features are:

  • High shear, tensile and vibration resistance
  • Excellent sealing to liquids
  • High resistance to humidity and corrosion due to the exposure to climate conditions
  • Structural function of the mandrel, which plays an active role in the application

For both solutions we can supply also the version in A2 Stainless Steel, providing even higher resistance to the corrosion linked to weather conditions.

In addition to our standard rivets, we can create customized products defining together their technical specifications of mechanical resistance, and any specific treatments required.

Today we also want to share with you a NEW RIVET we have developed for this type of application: it is a steel Saribolt with a larger head and a nail with a particular geometry, which guarantee a higher clamping force and allow to close the plates much more than a standard rivet.

Here are some examples of applications:

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